Friday, April 23, 2010

Oscar and Salvador

It was about time for these two to get together! :P
Perspective was kinda tricky on this one, but I guess it turned out ok...


  1. Very nice. The black guy's underwear tanlines are a bit overdone, but otherwise it is *quite good*!

  2. WOW SO CUTE!!!

    I love how you did the tan line XDD


  3. Zhu: Thank you! ^^

    Zeldrin: Thank you! Oscar is not black. He's just really tan because he lives on a tropical island and works on a bar at the beach... :P

  4. Oh, I see. The line there is rather thin. ^^
    Also, please post your commission prices here sometime soon, I wanan know what your services run for, as I might have the perfect piece of work for you.

  5. You can get that information on commissions here:

    I'll work on a post with it as soon as I can though... :P

  6. woooooooow! very delicious!!! vc eh de Salvador???
    veja meu blog ae cara, v

  7. i wish that i was in salvador's spot