Friday, June 18, 2010

Pissed Off!

You know what? I love y! Gallery! I really do!
I love that it alows me to meet other artists and share my drawings with a lot of people!
But at times people on y! can be SO anal! And I don't mean that in a good way!

Apparently I drew Oni - ad140's original character at - with female BREAST in this picture:

I know, the pecs are a bit on the huge size, that was intentional!
But there's NO WAY in hell those are female breast!
Oh well, I suppose it's good to have a blog for this kind of things! XD


  1. ¡I JUST LOVE PEC`S SEX! >//////<

  2. It's pretty ridiculous that this got reported, not to mention you got suspended as well.

  3. Oh well, what you're gonna do!
    Actually I was suspended because of another version of this I uploaded on purpose because I was so pissed off!
    But I don't care, I could use a break of all that bullshit and work on my blog anyway.
    I'll be bak on Y! in July I guess.
    The thing that anoys me most is that I was probably reported by some lurker who doesn't draw one single line... meh

  4. That's just not fair! >__<;
    WE ALL KNOW IT'S NOT FEMALE BOOBZ!! But apparently yeah, someone just wanted to annoy you...
    It makes me sad but that's just for one month so, it's ok. But still...

    It was chocking though seeing a red thing next to your user name;; I'll just have to follow your Blog while you're suspended then.


  5. Oh I know, I saw in the first seconds it was uploaded before someone reported it. The whole F *middle finger* U censor bar. It creative at least XD

  6. They reported you for this pic, so you went ahead and slapped them in the face and got suspended in the process, huh?
    I'd say it was worth it. XD
    I can see why they'd report this, but it's stupid that they'd bother.
    Maybe I just feel that way 'cause gigantic pecs are a guilty pleasure of mine, though. >_>

  7. i swear people there
    dont even know the differences between
    boobs and pecs.
    ugh, gets me mad when they report stuff
    on the smallest thing.
    oh well.
    at least i get to see your latest here

  8. Y is.......special. Is a cool place until you are stoped by some weird rule and to be honest, the only way to not be suspended, warned in Y is by not be part of it

    This is really ridiculous, but i am glad you have this palce!!! This art is soo delicious *_*

  9. Ugh this blows - it happened to absolutbleu too! Just cuz some of the y!guys on there can't handle the massive pecs....*drool* so good~! They don't know what they're missing!!!

  10. yeah i didn't know that anything female was prohibited there

  11. Thank you guys for all your support! It is very important to me!
    I'll try to post something up really soon for you guys! =)

  12. It really does look like he has female breasts.
    I'm sorry you got reported, but in all honesty, it does look like a female chest, and the fact that you tried using a censor bar is just...stupid.
    You were asking for trouble and that's what you got.

  13. Thank you Anonymous!
    Well, that's an opinion, I don't agree but I can respect it.
    About the censor bar... I knew what I was doing and, as I said, I did it on porpuse knowing well what would happen next, so it wasn't as stupid as you might think.
    And if by trouble you mean my suspention... well, I'm not that really troubled by that, it's only 2 weeks! XD

  14. There's a lot of touchy lurkers around y!gal. just imagine it didn't happen and keep working on your art :) which is awesome! <3

  15. I couldn't agree with you more! Lol, I got a warning for going off on a rant of how pissed off I was at your banning. GAH! They really need to monitor people who report at least half as strictly as they do other things... :-/ Irritation aside, I'll be waiting for your return! *hugs*

  16. It's just that I've never seen a guys chest do that before, but know the female's chest can. I don't know, I could be wrong. I don't like looking at female breasts.
    You may have put thought behind it, but it's not any less stupid.
    Well, this post makes you sound like your pretty pissed off about it, so I don't know. =p

    But all that aside, this is a really nice drawing, the person is cute and adorable in your way as usual and..well, it's a nice, little, cute drawing.

  17. The thing is, I'm not pissed off about my account being suspended. I knew it would be when I uploaded the second pic. I'm pissed off about the first pic being taken down, because I didn't draw it to be a man with boobs!!
    Maybe it's a bad drawing, maybe I did a really bad job at doing it, but who is to tell me it won't happen again? there's nothing I can really do about it and if it happens 2 or 3 more times that's a permanent ban I think. So yeah, I'm pissed off about it. I dunno... It just sends the message (to me at least) that y! admin staff doesn't care at all about their artists... Maybe I'm worng... meh



  19. I will just say: That is one ugly-looking chick, y!. (No offense, MiO. He is a cute guy - emphasis on the guy. With all-guy parts.)

    I mean, I can see how someone would assume that omg he has female tits (if they were drunk and high on meth),, I've seen pics like that before. I HAVE pics like that. And I think the intent is clear.

    Then again, y!'s admins do have a tendency to get their knickers in a twist over stupid things. I've seen quite a few people get burned over stupid admin decisions.

  20. Me acabo de enterar de lo que ha pasado :(

    I'm so sorry about you being banned. I can't understand it either.

    You have my support. ânimo!

  21. Hola David!
    Muchas gracias por el apoyo!
    Don't worry though! I can go back to y! early next month so it's ok. Meanwhile I'm trying to get my improve my blog but I'm really a noob on these kinds of things so I'm having a lot of difficulty! XD

  22. hehe your blog is already pretty nice! you did very well with the design :D

    I hope you do well with your square commissions too. It's a good idea ;). I actually have drawn a picture similar to this in the past, and I'm surprised no one reported it... If these look as boobs, the ones in my drawing too! (also, there are men with "moobs" so I don't understand the problem with it.)

  23. Well, thank you! ^^ but there's stuff I need to improve. Mostly stuff dealing with "gadgets" I can put on the blog and how to do it, but I'll manage! :P

    As for the sqUares, yeah I'm hoping it's a good idea! :P

  24. I'm really sad to see you suspended man. I came online and noticed you all red in my PMs. :( I say good for you to sticking it to them. Neo123 did 2 pictures of men getting fucked in the breasts. One was allowed to stay, the other was taken down, but both were exactly the same! They said one was breasts...The mods just pick and choose, out of anger and spite. Like Devilman said it is just a matter of time, even I got suspended once!!!! They should focus guiding artists, especially nice ones like you, instead of just attacking them.
    In the last 2 months I saw 3 of my friends banned. Why attack people that post every day for stupid reasons?
    Also I know guys in real life with man we cannot explore this?

  25. Thank you! =)
    And no worries! I'LL BE BACK!!! :P
    Until then I'll be posting stuff here! =D