Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So it seems y!Gallery might be sinking like the Titanic anytime soon (hopefully not, I really like it there) so I guess this blog is the best way, for now, for me to share my art.

I haven't uploaded anything here in a bit so, here's some catching up... :P

Check back for something new tomorrow or the next day at the latest! =)



  1. Well there's always FA www.FurAffinity.net you can post adult art there, I know its mostly furries there but alot of artist still post human art. XD so basically you can post both furry and human :3

  2. Oh thank goodness your back! Your artwork is so beautiful! I'm so happy you posted new stuff

  3. the best has to be the lifeguard cause he's got those eyes *u* and that cute little swiss flag on his trunks X3

  4. #ShaunMMX: Yeah... I suppose I could post there... We'll see... :P

    #Kensoudojo: That was a commission, so I take no credit for the character design. =)